Monthly Archives: December 2007

Freestanding Pull-Up Bar

I currently live in an old California Victorian, and am unable to use COTS pull-up bars. Thus, a freestanding pull-up bar made out of wood/pipe/carriage bolts.

The pull-up bar that was made here can be duplicated exactly, or modified to one’s needs. A reader can make their set-up bigger/smaller. I’m 6’2″, and this size was comfortable for me. Also make sure to have plenty of room to put it together, as well as a rather permanent place to put it, moving it will take time.

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Indoor Car Stereo

I’ve never previously had a stereo/speaker problem, for the past seven years I’ve had two iterations of Logitech’s Subwoofer/4+ Speaker combination. One set is currently with my Brother at school, the other set is 3500 miles away in Virginia.

I’ve been in California for the last seven months, thumping along with the laptop speakers. Not bad, tinny, can’t get too loud, can’t rock a party, but okay. This project started when my office-mate came in to work with brand new speakers from some store bought system that he didn’t need.

When I lived in D.C. I used to have an old Cobra C.B. radio strapped to a throw-out computer power supply, so getting a stereo together was the natural response to receiving these speakers. Continue reading