Monthly Archives: April 2011

Omni-Wheel Robot

For CE-218, Mechatronics, my team and I were required to build a robot for our final project. The goal of this project is to create a robot within certain specifications that can meet a required goal. This year’s project was named Slug-o-Lete; and the tasks involved the robot acting as a bull, and a toreador. In both modes the robot is to stay within a seven foot diameter circle using tape sensors, and to respond to bump sensors. The robot will have a switch that allows the robot to change from bull to toreador mode and back again.

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Dormitory Assessment Module (DAM)

For CE-231, Human Computer Interface (HCI), my team and I decided on creating a web application with a user-friendly UI, leveraging free web services. We designed the application to be inexpensive, easy to use/maintain, and to require minimum training.

Any modern university with housing facilities needs to maintain the condition of hundreds to thousands of rooms. A housing department needs a low cost and effective way to communicate the state of dormitory rooms between on-site employees, off-site housing administration, persons responsible for fixing a room (maintenance), and the previous/next residents.

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