Big Sur KML

Working in Monterey, CA. allows for hiking opportunities in Big Sur. At one point I was hiking frequently with a co-worker from the Navy base, geo-imaging was put on the project action item list…

Hardware Used:
Garmin GPSmap 60CSx
Olympus Stylus 760

Software Used:
Garmin Map Source (to read from the GPS unit)
GPS Babel 1.3.5 (convert from .gpx to .kml)
ImageResizer (resize the images to a manageable level)
gedit (general editing)
Java 1.6u7 (stub program to nicely name all the files in a directory)
Netbeans 6.1 (IDE for Java)

Andrew Molera State Park: KML INFO
Note: Great hike for getting to Big Sur a half hour before sunset. Hike out to the beach, watch the sun go down, head to the Fernwood for a cheeseburger. Bring a Maglite.

Garland Ranch Regional Park 1: KML INFO

Garland Ranch Regional Park 2: KML INFO
Note: Water fountain at 43.

Garrapata State Park: KML INFO
Note: Best hike in Big Sur. Go up the back of the mountain for a fantastic workout, then beautiful view all the way down.

Los Padres National Forest, Mount Carmel: KML INFO
Note: Dry. Incessant bugs.

Pfeiffer Big Sur: KML INFO
Note: Swimming in the canyon. Some parts require you to get soaked to continue up the trail.

Wilder Ranch State Park: KML INFO
Note: Easy hike, small elevation gain. Typical Santa Cruz, CA scrub land. 39, nice creek within trees.

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