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Temperature/Humidity Logger

Recently, a need arose to take humidity readings of a crawlspace, over an extended period of time. An Arduino clone called the Bare Bones Board (BBB) is used in this project, mainly for its ability to be mounted to a breadboard.

Using a commercial-off-the-shelf sensor and microSD card, the logger takes temperature and humidity readings at a predefined time interval and writes the readings to a text file on the card. An Octave/MATLAB script is shown that plots the results.

All source code can be found on GitHub.

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Freestanding Pull-Up Bar

I currently live in an old California Victorian, and am unable to use COTS pull-up bars. Thus, a freestanding pull-up bar made out of wood/pipe/carriage bolts.

The pull-up bar that was made here can be duplicated exactly, or modified to one’s needs. A reader can make their set-up bigger/smaller. I’m 6’2″, and this size was comfortable for me. Also make sure to have plenty of room to put it together, as well as a rather permanent place to put it, moving it will take time.

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