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Using grep to Find Files Containing Text

This command is used to find files in a directory structure containing a target search string. The command line utility ‘grep’ can be found on most modern Unix based systems.

$ grep --exclude=*\.{run,zip,tgz} -nr ./ -e "Hello World"
  • –exclude: multiple file types to ignore.
  • -nr: include line numbers in output display, recurse.
  • ./: search current directory.
  • -e: regular expression to search for follows.
  • “Hello World”: target search string.

Nothing ground-breaking here, this is more for my own documentation; I end up using this just not often enough to memorize it, but often enough I have to Google around a few minutes each time.

LaTeX Master’s Thesis for UCSC BSOE

A barebones Master’s thesis in LaTeX based on the documentation from the UCSC Graduate Handbook as of May 2011.

This project includes fully documented LaTeX code and cursory bibliography/figures/tables to show usage. The generated document has all the proper pages, page numbering, borders, formatting, etc.

‘BSOE’ is listed anywhere and everywhere, but keep in mind that this was put together with information from the Graduate Division. This LaTeX template can be used by ANY graduate student in ANY program at UCSC.

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uCLinux on LEON3

MicroController Linux (uCLinux) is a Linux operating system for embedded hardware systems without a memory management unit (MMU).

The LEON3 is a 32-bit VHDL processor core based on the SPARCV8 RISC instruction set architecture.

This project will involve synthesis and placement of a LEON3 processor onto a commercial off the shelf (COTS) field programmable gate array (FPGA), uCLinux will then be loaded to the FPGA.

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