GeoServer 2.6.2, Programmatically Registering an SLD

While using GeoServer 2.6.2 for a project, I ran into an issue registering a styled layer descriptor (SLD) over the REST interface.

The SLD in question uses a PointSymbolizer, referring to a graphic in the same directory as the SLD. When I login to GeoServer’s administrative interface, I can easily create the SLD from scratch, and everything validates/saves/displays as expected. Original SLD.

The convenient geoserver-manager library for Java was working very well, including the functionality to register a new Shapefile, but programmatically uploading a legal SLD continued to result in the following errors:

  • JBWEB000071: root cause
    java.lang.Error: Failed to encode the xlink location
  • JBWEB000071: root cause no protocol: Food_Icon.png

To resolve the issue, add “file:” in the xlink location in the SLD: xlink:href=”file:Food_Icon.png”. The SLD should now be able to be uploaded to GeoServer over the REST interface.

Final SLD.

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