Cognitive Network Architecture based Swarming:


While working for the Navy, Dr. Commander and I were involved in internal R&D. Dr. Commander had done work in Graduate School and written classes in Visual Basic using a Cognitive Network Architecture. I converted them to Java, and deployed into an applet. The R&D ended with getting Lego NXT robots attached to each automaton. Talking through a serial port profile in Java and moving the robot was trivial, but keeping track of the robot's exact location was beyond the funding/time scope of the R&D...

Software Used:

CogNet Classes from Dr. Commander
Java 1.6
Java Communications API
Visual Basic 2005

Hardware Used:

Lego Mindstorms NXT. With excellent motors and sensors, a wide online user base, a 32-bit ARM processor, and Bluetooth, this kit met the physical requirements for the project.

The Robot:

CogNet Applet:

Click the 'Add' button. Each click will randomly add a navy blue automaton to the screen.
Each automaton has an attraction to the other automatons, as well as a repulsion to the orange hazards.
Clicking on the screen, not on the 'Add' button, it will add a target that the automatons will be attracted to.
The automatons decide on their own how and where to move, based on the environmental conditions.