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NOAA Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)…Geocoded

While working on a web services project I needed to parse Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) geocodes from NOAA (Wikipedia) (NOAA). Specifically, I needed to be able to parse the six-digit geocodes from HERE, and get a lat/lon back. From what I can tell, this list won’t be changing much, so server side geocoding is preferred. I figured this had been done by someone, somewhere…yet looking through NOAA’s official documentation and Googling did not result in geocoded geocodes.

Using Java stub code and the Google Geocoding API, I generated a geocoded list of each entry…

Local Copy of Original List: SameCode.txt
Geocoded Version: SameCodeGeocoded.txt

Technical notes:
0. The string delimiter is now a semicolon.
1. This list is up to date as of 04.27.2014.
2. The Google Geocoding API only allows 2500 queries a day for personal use. I split up the list and ran the code twice over a 48 hour period.
3. The API had some trouble with a few of the U.S. Pacific Islands, using Google Earth and Wikipedia, I hand annotated those ones (less than half a dozen).